Welcome to Pelvic Therapies!

Dear Physical Therapist,

Thank you very much for your interest and support of our products!

With our new company, Pelvic Therapies, Inc.®, we bought our first registered trademarked company, TheraWand®.

Pelvic Therapies, Inc. took this past year to improve the Essential and Premium TheraWands. We are thrilled to offer the PelviWand®.

Each PelviWand® has two Release-Ends™.

The improved Essential TheraWand is now the V-Wand.

The V-Wand™ has an ‘opposable-thumb’ shaped end and a ‘finger-tip’ like end. This wand still has an overall thicker 7/8-inch diameter.

The improved Premium TheraWand is now the LA-Wand.

The LA-Wand™ has been elongated 1.5 inches for easier reachability. Additionally, there are now 4 balls instead of 3 as well as a tapered or ‘elliptical’ end. This wand still has a thinner shaft of 5/8 inches with the balls being 7/8 inches in diameter.

At this time we are very honored to offer two exceptional instructional videos using the PelviWand’s by Dr. Susie Gronski.

Besides our lubricants and media products, we have added Protex Disinfectant Wipes that are perfect to use with the PelviWand.

We will continue to offer quality products, resources and personalized customer service. And as such, continue to request your feedback and reviews.

Liz Janapol