Welcome to our Physical Therapist Locator page!

Fortunately, the subject of pelvic pain and its treatment is evolving.  While we do not claim to be experts in any one of the different pelvic floor areas of treatment, we are certainly in touch with pertinent information and resources regarding pelvic therapy and its treatment due to our network of healthcare practitioners all around the globe. Because of this, we will continue to list new resources (Facebook support groups, blogs, helpful articles, etc.) that we believe will be helpful in offering information, support, and comfort to our customers.
Our PT Locator continues to expand, growing rapidly thanks to the hundreds of submissions we’ve received from clinics all over the world. We try our best to make sure each clinic’s information remains up to date so that we can ensure this resource stays helpful and informational to our customers – or anyone for that matter- that suffer from the disorders that our PelviWands aim to treat.
Thank you very much for your continued support of our products, and we hope this helpful tool can aid you in your search for relief.
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